Make up your story

You know them very well, those little philosophers… They love to learn, not to study… Love to explore, not to be guided and shown around. Love to run, play, build, think, listen, reveal, dream, create… But, also, they know how to make an effort and how to achieve. You can recognize them by muddy knees, loud laughter and a curious gaze.

They know how to conquer fear and boredom with imagination. That’s why our design is minimalist - it is an invitation for them to make up the story around it.

Little philosophers love to feel cozy. It enables them to go wherever their curiosity leads them. With that in mind, we are creating well crafted, handmade clothes. Every piece in our collection is easy to wear, made of 100% natural materials, crafted with great care and attention for every detail. Social responsibility is important for us, so we are trying to support the less fortunate group of people in order to create work opportunities.

We are small but highly dynamic family owned company. We find inspiration in arts, books, music, people we admire and love.

Step into our world, and make up your story…

The story behind Little Philosophers

It all started with my desire to work in fashion industry, which brought me to Italy to study fashion and design at Marangoni University. Upon the completion of my studies, I have entered creative and wonderful world of fashion.

In the meantime my children were born. As life often challenges us, my second child, Simon, came a little earlier than expected. He needed so much care. It was a challenging and scary time for our family. A simple act of getting dressed became an obstacle, because premature babies do not like to feel tight. Since it was a difficult to find comfortable, casual clothes made of natural fabrics, I have decided to transform my talent and my experience into reality. With my son’s needs in mind, I have created a kids’ fashion brand - minimalist in design, easy to combine, and most of all comfortable, so they could freely engage in daily adventures.

That is how Little Philosophers came to life: from love for fashion and from love for my children Nikol and Simon.

With love,